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BORG Associates Raises Series-B Capital Issuance For UAE-Based Fintech Startup Pyypl

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

It’s always a big pleasure to share good news from our clients! BORG Associates FZE team is delighted to have contributed to AGM-based Pyypl - it's your money. Series B funding round by helping to raise $20million of equity. Smart work and winning teams persevere regardless of market conditions. Kudos to the founder Antti Arponen and Chris Scanlan, head of IR, for mastering the fundraising process.

Meanwhile our team is continuing the fundraising for the second tranche of $5 million. Please contact Sergei Stankovski, Emmanuel Crenne and Gulshat Fréchou, CFA if you are interested in investing in innovative #fintechsolutions & #financialinclusion.

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